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Philanthropy Connections

, by Laura

We have donated 750 euro to Pholanthropy Connections  so they can pay the rent of their office for a couple of months.

If you want to know more about this charity, please take a look at their website!

Message from Sallo (director of Philanthropy Connections)

Dear all,

A few days ago I asked if you could help pay the rent of our new office as a gift for my birthday. I was hoping my request would raise the interest of some new donors, as many of you already support us. I also made this request with great hesitation, because it is quite a birthday gift to ask for.

What happened was more than I could have hoped for. So far, six new donors have contributed and twelve existing donors have helped out as well. As of today we have raised € 3.315 and another € 330 has been pledged. That is enough for more than 18 months of rent paid. Fantastic!

You can be certain that these donations will bring a lot of good! We want to and have to expand this way; register our Foundation in Thailand apart from the official registration we already have in the Netherlands. At the same time, we are concerned about increasing costs. We never had to pay rent before. That was a luxury, but we know how much good we can do for our projects with the money we saved that way. Thanks to these donations that money now stays available for the projects and that is just great.

If you also want to help us with the rent to cover more months, or maybe support our projects, please do get in touch or send your donation to:

IBAN: NL73ABNA0517643723
Account holder: Stichting Philanthropy Connections
Many thanks,