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Maan de Steenwinkel

, by Laura

Just a couple day after she won the Voice of Holland she recorded her first videoclip. We were there to make the new press pictures and some backstage shots.

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Oeuvre Award 2016

, by Laura

The TV Beelden Oeuvre Award 2016 goes to Paul de Leeuw. We did a photoshoot at Beeld en Geluid at Mediapark and we had to do it very low profile so now one would see it. Always fun to do something special!

Eva Keesje Bom & Jessica Mendels - Bom

Eva Keesje Bom

, by Laura

Dear Eva Keesje Bom, welcome to this world! After a week you were born we shot you and mommy Jessica Mendels at your home. You were so awesome and sleepy that the shoot could go on for hours. Your big sister Ilse kissed you several times and we also took some pictures of the two [...]

Copyright; Laura Oldenbroek

Jessica Mendels

, by Laura

Jessica Mendels has diabetic and when she was 35 weeks pregnant we thought it would the best time to do a photoshoot. We did the photoshoot at her home with her daughter Ilse. At that time Ilse already called the belly the official name of the baby. It’s so special to hear the story behind [...]

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