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, by Laura

There was a big fire at the other side of the studio… Luckily everything is okay and nothing got burned! More pictures and info:…/25025-enorme-brand-verwoest-bedrijf…


Philanthropy Connections

, by Laura

We have donated 750 euro to Pholanthropy Connections  so they can pay the rent of their office for a couple of months. If you want to know more about this charity, please take a look at their website! Message from Sallo (director of Philanthropy Connections) Dear all, A few days ago I asked if you could help pay [...]


Symphony 31

, by Laura

A mini selection of all photographs can be seen on our official facebook 


A-HA live at Ziggo Dome

, by Laura

We had to take some pictures of the A-HA comeback show! The sound wasn’t great at the beginning but the fans loved it!

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