Testimonials Recommendations from around the world

"From time to time we do gigs just a little bit differently, those shows that you just won’t forget, so to speak. On occasions like that we ask Laura to join, because she’s capable like no one else, to capture the moment. She has made a smashing series of our first show in Carré and also recently during our anniversary concert. Wonderful live shots and a marvellous cooperation, were heading for the next anniversary concert!"
Bas van Wageningen - DI-RECT
"Laura delivers what she promises. She works modestly enough to be able to be on the spot at every production and she’s also assertive enough to do anything to deliver good photo material. Moreover Laura is a very kind person to work with. Recommended!"
Gijs van Dam - Producer
"I always point out: “Hillywood should become Hollywood and not Hilversum” and Laura perfectly fits into this picture. I’ve been working with her for 8 years and every time she manages to shoot the right photo. She knows how to adapt to every situation and she’s great fun to work with. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!"
Martijn de Bruijn – Executive producer
"If anyone can project emotion into frame it's Laura Oldenbroek! Feels like home working with her. "
Jennifer Ewbank - Singer-songwriter | Ambassador WSPA World Society for the protection of Animals
"Over the last 10 years, Laura and I worked together a lot. Whether it be a concert in the HMH or in the Ziggo Dome or during a location photo shoot, I know Laura only as being very professional, with a clear vision, working method and skills. She can persuade anyone with her humour and I can only say that it’s a relief to be working with someone who enjoys her work so much."
Leander Maas - Artist Manager | Blogger
"At first: Laura is a great person. But let’s keep things professional…. as a photographer she’s also great. When I know in advance that Laura does the photo shoot, there is less stress. She’s able to create an atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable, and allows us to create the best photos together as a team. And when she says that my hair is too prissy or that the orange sweater makes my face look pale, I know she says that in my best interest. If I can choose the photographer at an assignment, the choice is easily made. Even if I have an off-day, I trust her completely."
Jessica Mendels - Presenter | Voice over | Actress
"Laura works in a very relaxed way and that makes the shoot much easier. She also understands why or not you want certain things and then cooperates, which is very convenient. And the photos are great, after all that’s what it’s all about….."
Charly Luske - Singer
"As the ultimately responsible person for marketing and all internet operations of big festivals such as Dance Valley, Dutch Valley and Ground Zero, for years I worked with the best photographers in the dance scene. But once I started looking for a new image, I came across Laura and her approach was exactly what I was looking for. At all times she carries out her assignments at 110%. At every festival she came up with ideas of her own that exactly matched with my vision on the festival. Each of the photos that she ultimately delivered swiftly and accurately, were masterpieces, perfectly usable for my forthcoming marketing plans. She’s not only a great photographer but also very pleasant to work with. Positive, unique, creative and energetic are the words that spring to mind, describing Laura. I would happily recommend Laura to everyone who needs a good photographer!"
Rik Keijzer - Online Marketing I New Flavours
"Laura is the perfect combination of professional and ‘nice to be with’. She thinks along, she’s creative, and the final result is really great. She makes one feel comfortable, which makes a photo shoot go very smoothly. "
Pearl Jozefzoon - Singer and Musical actress
“Love working with Laura. Not only does she have a great personality, she also delivers the job and is always running the extra mile (or ten....). Her studio is professional and feels like home at the same time. Make sure you don't eat five days in advance before working there: there's good food all over the place and Laura will make sure you'll eat it...”
Manon Meijers - Fashion stylist
"Laura is a good and hardworking photographer. I saw that particularly in The TV Kantine and even though the make-up is perfect, it still takes a lot of work to make good pictures of all those types. Editing photos can easily be left in Laura’s hands as well. Furthermore she’s a fine person who thinks along with the production."
Sebastiaan Franke - Production Manager
"Love Laura! She's so professional and always makes me feel so comfortable when I'm shooting! Always happy with end result! ❤️"
Iris Kroes - Singer || Harpist || Winner The Voice of Holland 2012
"We met Laura in 2012. We needed a photo for both our new flyers and a new single. We immediately found Laura was easy-going and we started the shoot in a very relaxed manner. Ultimately we used her for no less than 4 singles and 2 different flyers. The photos were very cool and creative. That’s why we could use them over a one year period. The photos were excellent, Laura was excellent and therefore the day was excellent. Well... if you help each other to jump over hurdles after the first encounter, the ties must be strong. "
Mike & Colin - Singing duo
"I always look forward to working with Laura! Why? She’s extremely passionate about her work, has an eye for detail, is very sweetly sincere, funny and enthusiastic, and provides a good atmosphere as well as plenty of “good food”! The photos she makes, capture the moment, provide the right feeling and atmosphere. They simply ooze passion! Her studio provides a perfect mix of professionalism and the wonderful laid back feeling of a lounge. What an enrichment to be able to work together with this power-woman!"
Niki Meilink – Make- up artist / (Hair) stylist
I have worked with Laura Oldenbroek several times. Laura is very accessible and as such she can make also less experienced artists feel comfortable and make great images of them. Furthermore Laura is very easy-going and delivers her work well ahead of the dead line. Everything is available in her photo studio and it feels like a second home! ;-)
Reshma Bainathsah - Radio Veronica
Working with Laura has always been a great pleasure. She is flexible, dedicated, creative and in general fun to work with. these qualities reflect in her photo's.
Andre van Thiel - graphic designer
"I see Laura as a committed and hard working person. She always has a smile while working and one can tell that she loves her work. I hope she will continue her work happily for many years to come. If you ever need a photographer, you’ve found one!"
Gordon Manstra - The Security Company
"In the 12 years that I know Laura, I have seen her grow into a more passionate, sincere and open person. This development can also be seen in her work. A photo-shoot with her is not complete without her genuine interest in people or the subject she has to photograph. The "story" she tries to tell with her photographs is one that more then often goes beyond expectations. Young, fresh, renewed, catchy and an own style ... just five of the many positive things that characterizes her."
John Hoving